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NGIRUP TUAK when literally translated is DRINK TUAK!

NGIRUP TUAK is also a home-made rice brew now available for those that don’t frequent East Malaysia, where it’s easily available.

NGIRUP TUAK is brewed at home by a family of Sarawakian Ibans that absolutely love that they can treat you to the wonders of TUAK!

NGIRUP TUAK is perfect for get-togethers, house parties, gawai celebrations, birthdays and gatherings for whatever reason.

NGIRUP TUAK is all about the SADONG!


What is TUAK?

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According to our trusted Wiki, TUAK is an alcoholic beverage made of fermented rice, yeast and sugar and drunk in Borneo and East Malaysia. The beverage is a popular drink among the Ibans of Sarawak and is especially server during the Gawai festivals (the rice harvesting festivals in Sarawak). This potent drink is typically drunk daily by the men of the rumah panjang (longhouse in Sarawak) as a wind down after a hard day’s labour. Today, TUAK is enjoyed not just by the men but also by the women, old and young, in cities and in longhouses.

What is NGIRUP?

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NGIRUP is the Ibanese word for DRINK!